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13.12.2004 Скачать (192,48 Кб) [English]

B.M. Kostishko, Yu.S. Nagornov, S.V. Appolonov.
The modification of the properties of n-type conductivity porous silicon by argon ion irradiation.
Vacuum 73 (2004) 105–108

06.12.2004 Скачать (320,82 Кб) [English]

Witold Szmaja, Jaroslaw Grobelny, Michal Cichomski, Ken Makita.
Application of MFM for studying Nd–Fe–B magnets.
Vacuum 74 (2004) 297–300

06.12.2004 Скачать (141,77 Кб) [English]

Nobukata NAGASAWA, Hirokazu SUGIYAMA1, Nobuko NAKA, Igor KUDRYASHOV, Zhao-Ming LI and Zi-Kang TANG.
Optical Nano-Tomography on Photosensitive Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Arrays in Zeolite Crystals.
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 43, No. 2, 2004, pp. 868–871.

06.12.2004 Скачать (639,79 Кб) [English]

Shantang Liu, Rivka Maoz, and Jacob Sagiv.
Planned Nanostructures of Colloidal Gold via Self-Assembly on Hierarchically Assembled Organic Bilayer Template Patterns with In-situ Generated Terminal Amino Functionality.
NANO LETTERS, xxxx, Vol. 0, No. 0, A-G, February 12, 2004.

06.12.2004 Скачать (220,77 Кб) [English]

K. L. Sorokina and A. L. Tolstikhina.
Atomic Force Microscopy Modified for Studying Electric Properties of Thin Films and Crystals.
Crystallography Reports, Vol. 49, No. 3, 2004, pp. 476–499.

06.12.2004 Скачать (592,60 Кб) [English]

J.A. Blach, G.S. Watson , C.L. Brown , D.K. Pham , J. Wright , D.V. Nicolau , S. Myhra.
A mechanistic approach to tip-induced nano-lithography of polymer surfaces.
Thin Solid Films 459 (2004) 95–99

06.12.2004 Скачать (485,06 Кб) [English]

Heh-Nan Lin, Yu-Hsien Chang, Jung-Hsien Yen, Ju-Hung Hsu, Ing-Chi Leu, Min-Hsiung Hon.
Selective growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on nickel oxide nanostructures created by atomic force microscope nano-oxidation.
Chemical Physics Letters 399 (2004) 422–425.

06.12.2004 Скачать (519,52 Кб) [English]

Matthew John Dalby, Mathis O. Riehlea, Duncan S. Sutherlandb, Hossein Aghelib, Adam S.G. Curtis.
Changes in fibroblast morphology in response to nano-columns produced by colloidal lithography.
Biomaterials 25 (2004) 5415–5422

01.12.2004 Скачать (219,17 Кб) [English]

Takashi Kodama, Hiroyuki Ohtani, Hideo Arakawa, Atsushi Ikai.
Atomic force microscope equipped with confocal laser scanning microscope for the spectroscopic measurement of the contact area in liquid.
Chemical Physics Letters 385 (2004) 507–511.

01.12.2004 Скачать (621,22 Кб) [English]

N.K. Sahoo, S. Thakur, M. Senthilkumar, R.B. Tokas, N.C. Das.
Observation and analysis of self-organized surface grain structures in silica films under nonepitaxial growth mode.
Vacuum 77 (2004) 87–96.

01.12.2004 Скачать (516,94 Кб) [English]

Ji-Yen Cheng, Cheng-Wey Wei, Kai-Hsiung Hsu, Tai-Horng Young.
Direct-write laser micromachining and universal surface modification of PMMA for device development.
Sensors and Actuators B 99 (2004) 186–196

17.11.2004 Скачать (732,40 Кб) [English]

Raphael Gorodetsky, Lila Levdansky, Akiva Vexler, Irina Shimeliovich, Ibrahim Kassis, Matti Ben-Moshe, Shlomo Magdassi, Gerard Marx.
Liposome transduction into cells enhanced by haptotactic peptides (Haptides) homologous to fibrinogen C-termini.
Journal of Controlled Release 95 (2004) 477– 488

11.11.2004 Скачать (478,86 Кб) [English]

A.V. Krayev, R.V. Talroze. Electric force microscopy of dielectric heterogeneous polymer blends. Polymer 45 (2004), 8195-8200.

02.11.2004 Скачать (1,15 Мб) [English]

P.J. Ajikumar, M. Kamruddin, R. Nithya. P. Shankar, S. Dash, A.K. Tyagi, Baldev Raj.
Surface nitridation of Ti and Cr in ammonia atmosphere. Scripta Materialia 51, 361-366 (2004).

02.11.2004 Скачать (445,39 Кб) [English]

A. A. Bukharaev, D. A. Biziaev, P. A. Borodin, and D. V. Ovchinnikov.
In situ Magnetization Reversal Measurement of Magnetic Tips in a Magnetic Force Microscope.
Phys. Low-Dim. Struc.,1/2 pp.153-158.(2004)

01.11.2004 Скачать (226,09 Кб) [English]

Takashi Kodama, Hiroyuki Ohtani, Hideo Arakawa, Atsushi Ikai.
Atomic force microscope equipped with confocal laser scanning microscope for the spectroscopic measurement of the contact area in liquid.
Chemical Physics Letters 385 (2004) 507–511

01.11.2004 Скачать (449,94 Кб) [English]

M. Tian, M. Dosiere, S. Hocquet, P. J. Lemstra, and Joachim Loos.  Novel Aspects Related to Nucleation and Growth of Solution Grown Polyethylene Single Crystals. Macromolecules 2004, 37, 1333-1341.

01.11.2004 Скачать (705,31 Кб) [English]

Ju-Hung Hsu, Chun-Yu Lin, and Heh-Nan Lin.
Fabrication of metallic nanostructures by atomic force microscopy nanomachining and lift-off process.
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 22(6), Nov/Dec 2004.

01.11.2004 Скачать (554,57 Кб) [English]

Bongki Lee, Changdeuck Bae, Seung-Hyun Kim, Hyunjung Shin.
Characterization of self-assembling solatedferroelectric domains by scanning force microscopy.
Ultramicroscopy 100 (2004) 339–346

29.10.2004 Скачать (325,21 Кб) [English]

Michael Wark, Hartwig Wellmann, Jiri Rathousky.
Homogeneously distributed CdS and CdSe nanoparticles in thin films of mesoporous silica.
Thin Solid Films 458 (2004) 20–25

28.10.2004 Скачать (370,92 Кб) [English]

Qian Tang, Chun-Hua Xu, San-Qiang Shi, Li-Min Zhou.
Formation and characterization of protein patterns on the surfaces with different properties.
Synthetic Metals 147 (2004) 247–252

04.10.2004 Скачать (220,61 Кб) [English]

Barbara Foster. Focus on Microscopy—Elasticity Imaging: New Views for Polymers, Proteins, Ceramics, and Advanced Materials. AMERICAN LABORATORY, MAY 2004, p. 31-32.

01.10.2004 Скачать (312,36 Кб) [English]

V.D. Frolov, V.I. Konov, S.M. Pimenov, E.V. Zavedeev.
Field-induced modifications of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films using a scanning probe microscope.
Diamond & Related Materials 13 (2004) 2160– 2165

29.09.2004 Скачать (501,34 Кб) [English]

K. Muller, A. Goryachko, Y. Burkov, C. Schwiertz, M. Ratzke, J. Koble, J. Reif, D. Schmeiber.
Scanning Kelvin probe and photoemission electron microscopy of organic source-drain structures.
Synthetic Metals 146 (2004) 377–382

28.09.2004 Скачать (310,29 Кб) [English]

P. Ostoja, P. Maccagnani, M. Gazzano, M. Cavallini, J.C. Kengnec, R. Kshirsagar, F. Biscarini, M. Melucci, M. Zambianchi, G. Barbarella.
FET device performance, morphology and X-ray thin film structure of unsubstituted and modified quinquethiophenes.
Synthetic Metals 146 (2004) 243–250

27.09.2004 Скачать (390,60 Кб) [Russian]

Guido W. M. Vandermeulen, Christos Tziatzios, Dieter Schubert, Philip R. Andres, Alexander Alexeev, Ulrich S. Schubert and Harm-Anton Klok. Metal Ion Assisted Folding and Supramolecular Organization of a De Novo Designed Metalloprotein. Australian Journal of Chemistry 57, 33 – 39 (2004).

15.09.2004 Скачать (797,02 Кб) [English]

Qian Tang, San-qiang Shi, Haitao Huang, Li Min Zhou.
Fabrication of highly oriented microstructures and nanostructures of ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE) copolymer via dip-pen nanolithography.
Superlattices and Microstructures 36 (2004) 21–29

11.09.2004 Скачать (413,51 Кб) [English]

A.M.LYAKHOVITCH, A.M.DORFMAN, M.A.SHIROBOKOV. AFM capabilities in investigating plasma polymerized films applied onto metal substrates. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 157.

11.09.2004 Скачать (413,51 Кб) [English]

 A.E. MURAVYEV, S.S. MIKHAILOVA, O.A. SHILOVA AND O.M. KANUNNIKOVA. AFM and XPS investigation of Pt-doped spin-on glass thin silica films deposited at 500oC. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 157.

11.09.2004 Скачать (407,63 Кб) [English]

O.M.KANUNNIKOVA, S.F.LOMAYEVA, A.E.MURAVYEV. AFM and XPS investigations of silica films manufactured by sol-gel method and ion sputtering. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 154.

10.09.2004 Скачать (205,30 Кб) [English]

S.G.Bystrov, A.A.Shakov. Peculiarities of local chemical structure of PS39 PEO61 block-copolymer surface studied by means of AFM and XPS. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 145.

10.09.2004 Скачать (341,69 Кб) [English]

O.V.KARBAN, S.N.IVANOV, E.N.KHAZANOV, E.I.SALAMATOV, O.M.KANUNNIKOVA. Determination of phase composition of titanium dioxide nanoceramics. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 148.

09.09.2004 Скачать (181,85 Кб) [English]

N.L.IVINA, L.K.ORLOV, V.B.SHEVTSOV. Correlations between the surface morphology and electronic properties of porous multilayer structures with quantum InGaAs layers. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 136.

09.09.2004 Скачать (457,49 Кб) [English]

A.A.BUKHARAEV, D.A.BIZIAEV, P.A.BORODIN, D.V.OVCHINNIKOV. In situ magnetization reversal measurement of magnetic tips in a magnetic force microscope. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 92.

09.09.2004 Скачать (462,03 Кб) [English]

A.A.FRAERMAN, B.A.GRIBKOV, S.A.GUSEV, V.L.MIRONOV, N.I.POLUSHKIN, S.N.VDOVICHEV. Observation of MFM tip induced remagnetization effects in elliptical ferromagnetic nanoparticles. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 95.

08.09.2004 Скачать (166,58 Кб) [English]

A.V.Ankudinov, A.N.Titkov. Contact electrostatic force microscopy of polarization domains in thin ferroelectric films. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 60.

08.09.2004 Скачать (377,29 Кб) [English]

S.O.DEMOKRITOV, V.E.DEMIDOV, D.I.KHOLIN, B.HILLEBRAND. MFM studies of magnetic multilayers patterned using ion beams. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 85.

08.09.2004 Скачать (43,90 Кб) [English]

V.A.BYKOV. New developments in NT-MDT microscope line. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 73

07.09.2004 Скачать (506,88 Кб) [English]

A.V.LATYSHEV, D.V.SHEGLOV, E.E.RODYAKINA, S.S.KOSOLOBOV, D.A.NASIMOV. AFM of nanostructures: growth and fabrication. SPM-2004, Proceedings. Nizhni Novgorod, May 2-6. 2004. P. 19

06.09.2004 Скачать (1,03 Мб) [English]

Electrical properties of short DNA oligomers characterized by conducting atomic force microscopy. C. Nogues, S.R. Cohen, S.S. Daubeb and R. Naaman.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys . , 6, 4459 (2004).

05.09.2004 Скачать (1,12 Мб) [English]

E. Bemporad, C. Pecchio, S. De Rossi, F. Carassiti.
Characterisation and wear properties of industrially produced nanoscaled CrN/NbN multilayer coating.
Surface & Coatings Technology 188–189 (2004) 319–330

16.08.2004 Скачать (955,41 Кб) [English]

Alika Khare, Kamlesh Alti, Susanta Das, Ardhendu Sekhar Patra, Monisha Sharma.
Application of laser matter interaction for generation of small-sized materials.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 70 (2004) 553–558

09.08.2004 Скачать (514,38 Кб) [English]

P.V. Sherstnev, A.S. Baturin, V.S. Bormashov, K.N. Nikolski, E.P. Sheshin.
Investigation of local work function distribution of field emission cathode from carbon materials doped by Ba with the help of AFM/SEM/X-ray.
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 65 (2004) 159–163

02.08.2004 Скачать (3,14 Мб) [Russian]
А. П. Алехин, А. Г. Кириленко, Р. В. Лапшин.
Морфология поверхности тонких углеродных пленок, осажденных из плазмы на полиэтилен низкой плотности.
Поверхность. Рентгеновские, синхротронные и нейтронные исследования, № 2, стр. 3-9, 2004.
30.07.2004 Скачать (1,48 Мб) [English]

T. To, H. Wang, A.B. Djurisic, M.H. Xie, W.K. Chan, Z. Xie, C. Wu, S.Y. Tong.
Solvent dependence of the evolution of the surface morphology of thin asymmetric diblock copolymer films.
Thin Solid Films 467 (2004) 59– 65

28.07.2004 Скачать (306,40 Кб) [English]

E. Iacob, M. Bersani, A. Lui, D. Giubertoni, M. Barozzi, M. Anderle.
Topography induced by sputtering in a magnetic sector instrument: an AFM and SEM study.
Applied Surface Science 238 (2004) 24–28

28.07.2004 Скачать (334,80 Кб) [English]

J.A. Blach-Watson, G.S. Watson, C.L. Brown, S. Myhra.
UV patterning of polyimide: differentiation and characterization of surface chemistry and structure.
Applied Surface Science 235 (2004) 164–169.

21.07.2004 Скачать (238,11 Кб) [English]

Asa H. Barber, Sidney R. Cohen, Shmuel Kenig, H. Daniel Wagner.
Interfacial fracture energy measurements for multi-walled carbon nanotubes pulled from a polymer matrix.
Composites Science and Technology 64 (2004) 2283–2289

20.07.2004 Скачать (647,62 Кб) [English]

V.L. Alperovich, O.E. Tereshchenko, N.S. Rudaya, D.V. Sheglov, A.V. Latyshev, A.S. Terekhov.
Surface passivation and morphology of GaAs(1 0 0) treated in HCl-isopropanol solution.
Applied Surface Science 235 (2004) 249–259

19.07.2004 Скачать (474,18 Кб) [English]

A. Bettelheim, L. Soifer, E. Korin.
Electropolymerized porphyrin films as methanol barriers in direct methanol fuel cells.
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 571 (2004) 265–272

17.07.2004 Скачать (297,51 Кб) [English]

Miguel Manso Silvaґn, A. Valsesia, D. Gilliland, G. Ceccone, F. Rossi.
An evaluation of poly(ethylene-glycol) films stabilized by plasma and ion beam methods.
Applied Surface Science 235 (2004) 119–125.

14.07.2004 Скачать (637,98 Кб) [English]

Xiaohua Jiang, Xiangqin Lin.
Atomic force microscopy of DNA self-assembled on a highly oriented pyrolytic graphite electrode surface.
Electrochemistry Communications 6 (2004) 873–879

04.07.2004 Скачать (278,55 Кб) [English]

Jose J. Benitez, Rafael Garcia-Segura, Antonio Heredia.
Plant biopolyester cutin: a tough way to its chemical synthesis.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1674 (2004) 1 – 3

01.07.2004 Скачать (1,70 Мб) [English]
R. V. Lapshin.
Feature-oriented scanning methodology for probe microscopy and nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology, vol. 15, iss. 9, pp. 1135-1151, 2004.
24.06.2004 Скачать (119,91 Кб) [English]

V. V. Ivanov, S. N. Ivanov, O. V. Karban, A. V. Taranov, E. N. Khazanov, and V. R. Khrustov.
Structure of Nanocrystalline Titania Ceramics Studied by X-ray Diffraction, Atomic Force Microscopy, and Thermal Phonon Kinetics.
Inorganic Materials, Vol. 40, No. 11, 2004, pp. 1233–1238.

17.06.2004 Скачать (287,19 Кб) [English]

Jui-Chin Chen, Wen-Ta Tsai.
Effects of hydrogen peroxide and alumina on surface characteristics of copper chemical–mechanical polishing in citric acid slurries.
Materials Chemistry and Physics 87 (2004) 387–393

17.06.2004 Скачать (1,04 Мб) [English]

N.G. Semaltianos, J.-L. Pastol, P. Doppelt.
Copper nucleation by chemical vapour deposition on organosilane treated SiO2 surfaces.
Surface Science 562 (2004) 157–169

13.06.2004 Скачать (426,92 Кб) [English]

Te-Hua Fang.
Mechanisms of nanooxidation of Si(100) from atomic force microscopy.
Microelectronics Journal 35 (2004) 701–707

11.06.2004 Скачать (419,96 Кб) [English]

A.N. Sergeev-Cherenkov, M.N. Antipina, T.V. Yurova, A.A. Rakhnyanskaya, R.V. Gainutdinov, A.L. Tolstikhina, V.V. Kislov, G.B. Khomutov.
Low-dimensional hybrid organic–inorganic nanostructures via planar DNA–amphiphilic polycation complexes.
Surface Science 566–568 (2004) 659–663

07.06.2004 Скачать (198,55 Кб) [English]

S.K. Pandey, A.R. James, Chandra Prakash, T.C. Goel, K. Zimik.
Electrical properties of PZT thin films grown by sol–gel and PLD using a seed layer.
Materials Science & Engineering B 112 (2004) 96–100

07.06.2004 Скачать (426,66 Кб) [English]

G.B. Khomutov, R.V. Gainutdinov, S.P. Gubin, V.V. Kislov, A.A. Rakhnyanskaya, A.N. Sergeev-Cherenkov, A.L. Tolstikhina.
Formation and organization of planar polymeric and nanocomposite nanostructures on liquid and solid surfaces.
Surface Science 566–568 (2004) 396–401

15.05.2004 Скачать (176,57 Кб) [English]

A.H. Barber, S.R. Cohen, H. D. Wagner. Static and Dynamic Wetting Measurements of Single Carbon Nanotubes. Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 2004, 186103.

13.05.2004 Скачать (826,88 Кб) [English]

V.N. Inkin, A.Y. Kolpakov, S.I. Oukhanov, V.I. Barbakov, M.E. Galkina, I.U. Goncharov.
Change of internal stress of carbon superhard condensates at a process of annealing.
Diamond and Related Materials 13 (2004) 1474–1479

11.05.2004 Скачать (660,35 Кб) [English]

Andrea Valsesia, Miguel Manso Silvan, Giacomo Ceccone, Francois Rossi.
Surface topographic and structural characterization of plasma treated PMAA–PMMA copolymer films.
Surface Science 560 (2004) 121–129

04.05.2004 Скачать (271,58 Кб) [English]

Yuan-Ron Ma, Yung Lioub, Yeong-Der Yao
Pushing nanoparticles of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 282 (2004) 342–345

04.05.2004 Скачать (649,65 Кб) [English]

M.Smietana, J.Szmidt, M.Dudek, P.Niedzielski
Optical properties of diamond-like cladding for optical fibres.
Diamond and Related Materials 13 (2004) 954–957

03.05.2004 Скачать (201,31 Кб) [English]

S. Erokhina, T. Berzina, L. Cristofolini, D. Shchukin, G. Sukhorukov, L. Musa, V. Erokhin, M.P. Fontana.
Patterned arrays of magnetic nano-engineered capsules on solid supports.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 272–276 (2004) 1353–1354.

30.04.2004 Скачать (313,89 Кб) [English]

G.L. Pakhomov, M.N. Drozdov, N.V. Vostokov.
Plasma irradiation effects in phthalocyanine films.
Applied Surface Science 230 (2004) 241–248

21.04.2004 Скачать (358,21 Кб) [English]

V.E. Demidov, D.I. Kholin, S.O. Demokritov and B. Hillebrands. Magnetic patterning of exchange-coupled multilayers. Appl.Phys.Lett. 84, 2004, 2853-2855.

19.04.2004 Скачать (424,01 Кб) [English]

A. Biebricher, A. Paul, P. Tinnefeld, A. Gцlzhдuser, M. Sauer.
Controlled three-dimensional immobilization of biomolecules on chemically patterned surfaces.
Journal of Biotechnology 112 (2004) 97–107

17.04.2004 Скачать (299,37 Кб) [English]

Larisa I. Karpenko, Nadezhda A. Nekrasova, Alexander A. Ilyichev, Leonid R. Lebedev, George M. Ignatyev, Alexander P. Agafonov, Boris N. Zaitsev, Pavel A. Belavin, Sergei V. Seregin, Nadezhda K. Danilyuk, Irina N. Babkina, Sergei I. Bazhan.
Comparative analysis using a mouse model of the immunogenicity of artificial VLP and attenuated Salmonella strain carrying a DNA-vaccine encoding HIV-1 polyepitope CTL-immunogen.
Vaccine 22 (2004) 1692–1699

17.04.2004 Скачать (145,70 Кб) [English]

Ziyong Shen, Hui Sun, Shimin Hou, Xingyu Zhao, Zengquan Xue.
Improving the resolution and the uniformity of AFM tip induced oxide patterns with pulsed voltages.
Applied Surface Science 230 (2004) 340–344

13.04.2004 Скачать (348,68 Кб) [English]

Jose J. Benitez, Antonio J. Matas, Antonio Heredia.
Molecular characterization of the plant biopolyester cutin by AFM and spectroscopic techniques.
Journal of Structural Biology 147 (2004) 179–184

07.04.2004 Скачать (199,08 Кб) [English]

Yu.A. Filimonov, A.S. Dzhumaliev, A.V. Kozhevnikov, S.L. Vysotsky.
Influence of growth temperature on the easy magnetization axis switch and domain structure in Fe=Ga/As(100) structures.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 272–276 (2004) e937–e939

05.04.2004 Скачать (510,78 Кб) [English]

Jaroslaw Drelich, Garth W. Tormoen, Elvin R. Beach.
Determination of solid surface tension from particle–substrate pull-off forces measured with the atomic force microscope.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 280 (2004) 484–497

02.04.2004 Скачать (137,47 Кб) [English]
S.C. Veenstra, W.J.H. Verhees, J. M. Kroon, M.M. Koetse, J. Sweelssen, J.J.A.M. Bastiaansen, H.F.M. Schoo, X. Yang, A. Alexeev, J. Loos, U.S. Schubert, and M.M. Wienk
Photovoltaic Properties of a Conjugated Polymer Blend of MDMO-PPV and PCNEPV
Chem. Mater. 2004, 16, 2503-2508
27.03.2004 Скачать (795,88 Кб) [English]

A. Levent Demirel, Mustafa Degirmenci, Yusuf Yagcэ.
Atomic force microscopy investigation of asymmetric diblock copolymer morphologies in thin films.
European Polymer Journal 40 (2004) 1371–1379

15.03.2004 Скачать (438,38 Кб) [English]

S. Nishio, M. Yoshidome, H. Uji-i, J. Hobley, H. Fukumura, and K.A. Zachariassey.
Structure of Intermolecular Donor–Acceptor Monolayers of N,N-Dimethyl-p-[15-(1-pyrenyl)pentadecanyl]aniline.
Chemistry Letters Vol.33, No.11 (2004).

14.03.2004 Скачать (328,60 Кб) [English]

A.K. Dua, M. Roy, J. Nuwad, V.C. George, S.N. Sawant.
Enhanced nucleation and post-growth investigations on HFCVD diamond films grown on silicon single crystals pretreated with Zr:diamond mixed slurry.
Applied Surface Science 229 (2004) 254–262

02.03.2004 Скачать (360,85 Кб) [English]

S.V. Gastev, K.R. Hoffman, A.K. Kaveev, R.J. Reeves, N.S. Sokolov.
Laser spectroscopy of epitaxial manganese and zinc fluoride films on silicon.
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01.03.2004 Скачать (457,29 Кб) [Russian]

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