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02.12.2005 Скачать (150,57 Кб) [English]
E.A. Puganova, A.A. Karyakin. New materials based on nanostructured Prussian blue for development of hydrogen peroxide sensors. Sensors and Actuators B 109 (2005) 167–170.
01.12.2005 Скачать (225,60 Кб) [English]

M. Rzechowicz, R.M. Pashley.
A membrane method for degassing nonaqueous liquids.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

01.12.2005 Скачать (420,95 Кб) [English]

Sanchez Carlos, Berend-Jan de Gans, Kozodaev Dimitri, Alexeev A.M., Escuti Michael J., van Heesch Chris, Bel Thijs, Schubert Ulrich S., Bastiaansen Cees W. M., Broer Dirk J.
Photoembossing of periodic relief structures using polymerization- induced diffusion : A combinatorial study.
Advanced Materials № 17 (2005) p.2567-2571

01.12.2005 Скачать (214,11 Кб) [English]

P. Estrela, P. Migliorato, H. Takiguchi, H. Fukushima, S. Nebashi.
Electrical detection of biomolecular interactions with metal–insulator–semiconductor diodes.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 20 (2005) 1580–1586

01.12.2005 Скачать (228,52 Кб) [English]

Takashi Kodama, Hiroyuki Ohtani, Hideo Arakawa, Atsushi Ikai.
Observation of the destruction of biomolecules under compression force.
Ultramicroscopy 105 (2005) 189–195

01.12.2005 Скачать (249,62 Кб) [English]

Rie Ihara, Tsuyoshi Honma, Yasuhiko Benino, Takumi Fujiwara, Ryuji Sato, Takayuki Komatsu.
Writing of two-dimensional crystal curved lines at the surface of Sm2O3–Bi2O3–B2O3 glass by samarium atom heat processing.
Solid State Communications 136 (2005) 273–277

23.11.2005 Скачать (1,38 Мб) [English]

Barbara Foster.
Focus on Microscopy: AFM’s New Nanotomography Expands 3-D Imaging.
American Laboratory May 2005.

22.11.2005 Скачать (310,06 Кб) [English]

Y. Q. Wu, F. H. Li, J. Cui, J. H. Lin, R. Wu, J. Qin, C. Y. Zhu, Y. L. Fan, X. J. Yang, and Z. M. Jiang.
Shape change of SiGe islands with initial Si capping.
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 87, 223116 (2005).

15.11.2005 Скачать (359,95 Кб) [English]

Yury M. Yevdokimov, Victor I. Salyanov, Olga V. Kondrashina, Valentin I. Borshevsky, Sergey V. Semenov, Achmedali A. Gasanov, Igor V. Reshetov, Vjacheslav D. Kuznetsov, Vladimir N. Nikiforov, Sergey V. Akulinichev, Mikhail V. Mordovskoi Stanislav I. Potashev d, Vladimir M. Skorkin.
Particles of liquid–crystalline dispersions formed by (nucleic acid–rare earth element) complexes as a potential platform for neutron capture therapy.
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 37 (2005) 165–173

14.11.2005 Скачать (163,69 Кб) [English]

Barbara Foster.
Focus on Microscopy: Spectroscopy + Microscopy + . . .? What’s Next?
Reprinted from American Laboratory November, 2005.

08.11.2005 Скачать (1,14 Мб) [English]

Celine Belot, Claudine Filiatre, Laurent Guyard, Alain Foissy, Michael Knorr.
Electrosynthesis of structured derivated polythiophenes: Application to electrodeposition of latex particles on these substrates.
Electrochemistry Communications 7 (2005) 1439–1444

06.11.2005 Скачать (263,46 Кб) [English]

Cheol Hong Park, Sukjong Bae, Haiwon Lee.
Nano-oxidation of Si using ac modulation in atomic force microscope lithography.
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects (2005)

10.10.2005 Скачать (161,57 Кб) [English]

K. Mochalov, I. Dushkin, A. Mezin, I. Blinov.
Local Tip Raman Enhancement from SWNT using cantilevers coated with Ag nanoparticles embedded in polymer matrix.
Plenary Lectures, SPM 2005, Israel, p29.

01.10.2005 Скачать (163,43 Кб) [English]

I. Oja, A. Mere, M. Krunks, R. Nisumaa, C.-H. Solterbeck, M. Es-Souni.
Structural and electrical characterization of TiO2 films grown by spray pyrolysis.
Thin Solid Films (2005)

23.09.2005 Скачать (819,50 Кб) [English]

S. Banerjee, M. Sardar, N. Gayathri, A. K. Tyagi, and Baldev Raj
Conductivity landscape of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite surfaces containing ribbons and edges.
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 72, 075418 (2005)

21.09.2005 Скачать (2,51 Мб) [English]

Zyun Siroma, Kenta Ishii, Kazuaki Yasuda, Yoshinori Miyazaki, Minoru Inaba, Akimasa Tasaka.
Imaging of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite corrosion accelerated by Pt particles.
Electrochemistry Communications 7 (2005) 1153–1156

16.09.2005 Скачать (104,94 Кб) [English]

A. N. Petrukhin, A. A. Astaf’ev, P. N. Zolotavin, T. B. Fel’dman, A. E. Dontsov, O. M. Sarkisov, and Academician M. A. Ostrovsky.
Heterogeneity of Structure and Fluorescence of Single Lipofuscin Granule from Retinal Pigment Epithelium of Human Donor Eyes: Study with the Use of Atomic Force Microscopy and Near-Field Microscopy.
Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics, 405 (2005) 445–449.

12.09.2005 Скачать (356,70 Кб) [English]

Wei-Qing Li, Le-Jun Qi, Xinju Yang, Li Ling, Wen-Bin Fan, You-Yuan Zhao, Ming Lu.
Synergetic effect between ion energy and sample temperature in the formation of distinct dot pattern on Si(1 1 0) by ion-sputter erosion.
Applied Surface Science (2005)

07.09.2005 Скачать (219,95 Кб) [English]

D. Passeri, A. Bettucci, M. Germano, M. Rossi, A. Alippi, S. Orlanducci, M. L. Terranova, M. Ciavarella.
Effect of tip geometry on local indentation modulus measurement via atomic force acoustic microscopy technique.

19.08.2005 Скачать (2,84 Мб) [English]

Nadezda Matsko, Martin Mueller.
Epoxy resin as fixative during freeze-substitution.
Journal of Structural Biology 152 (2005) 92–103

16.08.2005 Скачать (290,04 Кб) [English]

Astrid Drechsler, Karina Grundke.
The influence of electrolyte ions on the interaction forces between polystyrene surfaces.
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 264 (2005) 157–165

05.08.2005 Скачать (414,79 Кб) [English]

S.K. Pandey, A.R. James, R. Ramana, S.N. Chatterjee, Anshu Goyal, Chandra Prakash, T.C. Goel.
Structural, ferroelectric and optical properties of PZT thin films.
Physica B 369 (2005) 135–142

01.08.2005 Скачать (331,19 Кб) [English]

S.N. Kassavetis, S. Logothetidis, G.M. Matenoglou.
Near-surface mechanical properties and surface morphology of hydrogenated amorphous carbon thin films.
Surface & Coatings Technology(2005)

29.07.2005 Скачать (295,54 Кб) [English]

Deng-Zhu Guo, Shi-Min Hou, Geng-Min Zhang, Zeng-Quan Xue.
Conductance fluctuation and degeneracy in nanocontact between a conductive AFM tip and a granular surface under small-load conditions.
Applied Surface Science (2005)

28.07.2005 Скачать (216,60 Кб) [English]

Shu-Te Ho, Yu-Hsien Chang, and Heh-Nan Lin.
Conducting atomic force microscopy study of phase transformation in silicon nanoindentation.

28.07.2005 Скачать (604,80 Кб) [English]

Yu-Ju Chen, Ju-Hung Hsu and Heh-Nan Lin.
Fabrication of metal nanowires by atomic force microscopy nanoscratching and lift-off process.
Nanotechnology 16 (2005) 1112–1115

28.07.2005 Скачать (211,02 Кб) [English]

L.X. Li, R.P. Liu, C.Z. Fan, M.Y. Lv, J. Li, W.K. Wang.
I–V curve oscillation observed by atomic force microscopy.
Applied Surface Science (2005)

28.07.2005 Скачать (269,43 Кб) [English]

Jin-Hua Huang, Heh-Nan Lin, Chia-Chih Chuang, Hsin-Wen Lai, Ju-Hung Hsu.
Selective growth of carbon nanotubes on nickel oxide templates created by atomic force microscope nano-oxidation.
Diamond & Related Materials 14 (2005) 744– 748

25.07.2005 Скачать (365,20 Кб) [English]

F. Xue, J. Qin, J. Cui, Y.L. Fan, Z.M. Jiang, X.J. Yang.
Studying the lateral composition in Ge quantum dots on Si(001) by conductive atomic force microscopy.
Surface Science 592 (2005) 65–71

22.07.2005 Скачать (2,03 Мб) [English]

Yong Young Park, Hansol Cho, Young Mok Son, Joon-Yong Park, Lyongsun Pu, Sang KeeYoon, Yoon Shik Hong, Hyun Kee Lee
Simultaneous UV embossing method for fabricating two parallel organic layers with different hydrophilicity.
Microelectronic Engineering 82 (2005) 1–11

19.07.2005 Скачать (429,09 Кб) [English]

Jun-Fu Liu, Corina Nistorica, Igor Gory, George Skidmore, Fadziso M. Mantiziba, Bruce E. Gnade.
Layer-by-layer deposition of zirconium oxide films from aqueous solutions for friction reduction in silicon-based microelectromechanical system devices.
Thin Solid Films 492 (2005) 6 – 12

15.07.2005 Скачать (478,88 Кб) [English]

M. Csete, G. Szekeres, Cs. Vass, N. Maghelli, K. Osvay, Zs. Bor, M. Pietralla, O. Marti.
Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy on rotated sub-micrometer polymer gratings generated by UV-laser based two-beam interference.
Applied Surface Science (2005)

15.07.2005 Скачать (469,03 Кб) [English]

Mohammed H. Modi, Gyanendra S. Lodha, Manoj K. Tiwari, Sanjay K. Rai, C. Mukharjee, P. Magudapathy, K.G.M. Nair, Rajendra V. Nandedkar.
Ion irradiation damage on tin side surface of float glass.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 239 (2005) 383–390

13.07.2005 Скачать (294,87 Кб) [English]

P. Lisboa, D. Gilliland, G. Ceccone, A. Valsesia, F. Rossi.
Surface functionalisation of polypyrrole films using UV light induced radical activation.
Applied Surface Science (2005)

09.07.2005 Скачать (720,21 Кб) [English]

Yuri L. Mikhlin, Alexander S. Romanchenko, Alexander A. Shagaev.
Scanning probe microscopy studies of PbS surfaces oxidized in air and etched in aqueous acid solutions.
Applied Surface Science (2005)

30.06.2005 Скачать (174,23 Кб) [English]

P.V. Zinin, I. Kudryashov, N. Konishi, L.C. Ming, V.L. Solozhenko, S.K. Sharma.
Identification of the diamond-like B–C phase by confocal Raman spectroscopy.
Spectrochimica Acta Part A 61 (2005) 2386–2389

29.06.2005 Скачать (507,83 Кб) [English]

A.I. Danilov, E.B. Molodkina, A.V. Rudnev, Yu. M. Polukarov, J.M. Feliu.
Kinetics of copper deposition on Pt(111) and Au(111) electrodes in solutions of different acidities.
Electrochimica Acta 50 (2005) 5032–5043

29.06.2005 Скачать (155,36 Кб) [English]

E.A. Puganova, A.A. Karyakin.
New materials based on nanostructured Prussian blue for development of hydrogen peroxide sensors.
Sensors and Actuators B 109 (2005) 167–170

24.06.2005 Скачать (577,61 Кб) [English]

Yury M. Yevdokimov, Sergey G. Skuridin, Yury D. Nechipurenko, Mickhail A. Zakharov, Victor I. Salyanov, Arkady A. Kurnosov, Vyacheslav D. Kuznetsov, Vladimir N. Nikiforov.
Nanoconstructions based on double-stranded nucleic acids.
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 36 (2005) 103–115

21.06.2005 Скачать (343,29 Кб) [English]

Gilat Nizri, Shlomo Magdassi.
Solubilization of hydrophobic molecules in nanoparticles formed by polymer–surfactant interactions.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 291 (2005) 169–174

17.06.2005 Скачать (573,36 Кб) [English]

Yaron Amouyal, Eugen Rabkin, Yuri Mishin.
Correlation between grain boundary energy and geometry in Ni-rich NiAl.
Acta Materialia 53 (2005) 3795–3805

16.06.2005 Скачать (541,25 Кб) [English]

M. Senthilkumar, N.K. Sahoo, S. Thakur, R.B. Tokas.
Characterization of microroughness parameters in gadolinium oxide thin films: A study based on extended power spectral density analyses.
Applied Surface Science 252 (2005) 1608–1619.

16.06.2005 Скачать (927,83 Кб) [English]

M. Senthilkumar, N.K. Sahoo, S. Thakur, R.B. Tokas.
Reactive electron beam evaporated gadolinia films at ambient substrate temperature: optical properties and morphology studies.
Applied Surface Science 245 (2005) 114–127.

14.06.2005 Скачать (363,52 Кб) [English]

Hiroyuki Aoki, Makoto Anryu, Shinzaburo Ito.
Two-dimensional polymers investigated by scanning near-field optical microscopy: Conformation of single polymer chain in monolayer.
Polymer 46 (2005) 5896–5902

13.06.2005 Скачать (257,92 Кб) [English]

A. Ponzoni, E. Comini, M. Ferroni, G. Sberveglieri.
Nanostructured WO3 deposited by modified thermal evaporation for gas-sensing applications.
Thin Solid Films 490 (2005) 81 – 85

07.06.2005 Скачать (551,54 Кб) [English]

I. Bergenti, V. Dediu, E. Arisi, M. Cavallini, J.F. Moulin, F. Biscarini, M. De Jong, C. Dennis, J. Gregg.
Structural and magnetic properties of thin manganite films grown on silicon substrates.
Progress in Solid State Chemistry (2005) 1-6

06.06.2005 Скачать (372,00 Кб) [English]

K. Miura, Jianrong Qiu, S. Fujiwara and S. Sakaguchi, K. Hirao.
Three-dimensional optical memory with rewriteable and ultrahigh density using the valence-state change of samarium ions.

01.06.2005 Скачать (1,02 Мб) [English]

N.K. Sahoo, S. Thakur, M. Senthilkumar.
Optical multilayer post growth instabilities: Analyses of Gd2O3/SiO2 system in combination with scanning probe force spectroscopy.
Applied Surface Science 252 (2005) 1520–1537

26.05.2005 Скачать (564,48 Кб) [English]

M. Garsia-Heras, N. Carmona, A. Ruiz-Conde, P. Sanchez-Soto, J.J. Benitez
Application of atomic force microscopy to the study of glass decay
Materials Characterization 55 (2005) 272– 280

23.05.2005 Скачать (267,87 Кб) [English]

S. Soultani-Vigneron, V. Dugas, M.H. Rouillat, J. Fedolliere, M.C. Duclos, E. Vnuk, M. Phaner-Goutorbe a, V. Bulone, J.R. Martin, J. Wallach, J.P. Cloarec.
Immobilisation of oligo-peptidic probes for microarray implementation: Characterisation by FTIR, Atomic Force Microscopy and 2D fluorescence.
Journal of Chromatography B, 822 (2005) 304–310

23.05.2005 Скачать (443,02 Кб) [English]

Xianfeng Li, Chengji Zhao, Hui Lu, Zhe Wang, Hui Na.
Direct synthesis of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone ketone)s (SPEEKKs) proton exchange membranes for fuel cell application.
Polymer 46 (2005) 5820–5827.

10.05.2005 Скачать (167,61 Кб) [English]
T. Jungk and E. Soergel
Depth-resolved analysis of ferroelectric domain structures in bulk LiNbO3 crystals by scanning force microscopy
08.05.2005 Скачать (390,83 Кб) [English]

G.Y. Shanga, W.H. Qiaob, F.H. Lei, J.-F. Angiboust, M. Troyona, M. Manfait.
Development of a shear force scanning near-field fluorescence microscope for biological applications.
Ultramicroscopy 105 (2005) 324–329

08.05.2005 Скачать (792,86 Кб) [English]

A. Solovieva, G. Vstovsky, S. Kotova, N. Glagolev, B.S. Zav’yalov, V. Belyaev, N. Erinac, P. Timashev.
The effect of porphyrin supramolecular structure on singlet oxygen photogeneration.
Micron 36 (2005) 508–518

02.05.2005 Скачать (527,36 Кб) [Russian]

Ю.Ю. Гущина, С.Н. Плескова, М.Б. Звонкова.
Исследование различий морфологических параметров клеток крови человека методом Сканирующей Зондовой Микроскопии.
Поверхность. Рентгеновские, синхротронные и нейтронные исследования. 2005, N1, с 48-53.

02.05.2005 Скачать (734,97 Кб) [English]

Ю.Ю. Гущина, Л.Н. Олюнина, Т.А. Гончарова, А.П. Веселов, Ю.А. Мацкова, М.А. Ежевская
Исследование морфологии поверхности клеток Azotobacter Chroococcum в условиях гипертермии методом Атомно-Силовой Микроскопии.
Поверхность. Рентгеновские, синхротронные и нейтронные исследования. 2005, N5, с 87-92 

28.04.2005 Скачать (726,03 Кб) [English]

Zhong-Ming Li, Liangbin Li, Kai-Zhi Shen, Ming-Bo Yang, Rui Huang.
In situ poly(ethylene terephthalate) microfibers- and shear-induced non-isothermal crystallization of isotactic polypropylene by on-line small angle X-ray scattering. Polymer 46 (2005) 5358–5367

26.04.2005 Скачать (175,67 Кб) [English]

S. Kokenyesi, I. Ivan, E. Takacs, J. Palinkas, S. Biri, A. Valek.
Multipurpose 14.5 GHz ECR ion source: Special features and application for surface modification.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 233 (2005) 222–226

25.04.2005 Скачать (235,76 Кб) [English]

Takashi Kodamaa, Hiroyuki Ohtani, Hideo Arakawa, Atsushi Ikai.
Observation of the destruction of biomolecules under compression force.
Ultramicroscopy 105 (2005) 189–195

19.04.2005 Скачать (406,07 Кб) [English]

Denitza M. Lambreva, Ricarda Opitz, Gunter Reiter, Peter M. Frederik, Wim H. de Jeu
Morphology of an asymmetric ethyleneoxide–butadiene di-block copolymer in bulk and thin films.
Polymer 46 (2005) 4868–4875

19.04.2005 Скачать (906,09 Кб) [English]

Ivo B. Rietveld, K. Kobayashi, H. Yamada, K. Matsushige.
Morphology control of poly(vinylidene fluoride) thin film made with electrospray.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

18.04.2005 Скачать (345,04 Кб) [English]

Valentinas Snitka, Mindaugas Rackaitis, Raminta Rodaite.
Assemblies of TPPS4 porphyrin investigated by TEM, SPM and UV–vis spectroscopy.
Sensors and Actuators B 109 (2005) 159–166

18.04.2005 Скачать (347,51 Кб) [English]

Marie Helene Rouillat, Vincent Dugas, Jean Rene Martin, Magali Phaner-Goutorbe.
Characterization of DNA chips on the molecular scale before and after hybridization with an atomic force microscope.
Applied Surface Science 252 (2005) 1765–1771

18.04.2005 Скачать (431,54 Кб) [English]

Dusan Losic, Martin Cole, Helmut Thissen, Nicolas H. Voelcker
Ultrathin polytyramine films by electropolymerisation on highly doped p-type silicon electrodes.
Surface Science 584 (2005) 245–257

11.04.2005 Скачать (364,93 Кб) [English]

M. Csete, G. Kurdi, J. Kokavecz, V. Megyesi, K. Osvay, Z. Schay, Zs. Bor, O. Marti.
Application possibilities and chemical origin of sub-micrometer adhesion modulation on polymer  gratings produced by UV laser illumination.
Materials Science and Engineering C (2005)

08.04.2005 Скачать (245,18 Кб) [English]

Fernande Fotsa Ngaffo, Anna Paola Caricato, Andrea Fazzi, Manuel Fernandez, Sandro Lattante, Maurizio Martino, Francesco Romano.
Deposition of ITO films on SiO2 substrates.
Applied Surface Science 248 (2005) 428–432

07.04.2005 Скачать (277,24 Кб) [English]

Michael Lejeune, Andrea Valsesia, Martin Kormunda, Pascal Colpo, Francois Rossi.
Structural characterization of nanopatterned surfaces.
Surface Science 583 (2005) L142–L146

04.04.2005 Скачать (463,81 Кб) [English]

Arturas Ulcinas, Mohammed Es-Souni, Valentinas Snitka.
Investigation of microstructure and piezoelectric properties of Zr- and Smdoped PbTiO3 nanostructured thin films derived by sol–gel technology.
Sensors and Actuators B 109 (2005) 97–101

02.04.2005 Скачать (220,36 Кб) [English]

Georgi L. Pakhomov.
Conductivity measurements on phthalocyanine films: evaporated vs. pressure contacts.
Solid State Communications 134 (2005) 491–495

01.04.2005 Скачать (276,51 Кб) [English]

J. Barz, M. Haupt, U. Vohrer, H. Hilgers, C. Oehr.
Ultrathin carbon–fluorine film processing.
Surface & Coatings Technology 200 (2005) 453– 457

24.03.2005 Скачать (734,01 Кб) [English]

E. Kontturi, P.C. Thune, A. Alexeev, J.W. Niemantsverdriet.
Introducing open films of nanosized cellulose—atomic force microscopy and quantification of morphology.
Polymer 46 (2005) 3307–3317

22.03.2005 Скачать (205,79 Кб) [English]

Baohua Jia, Xiaosong Gan,a! and Min Gu. 
Direct observation of a pure focused evanescent field of a high numerical aperture objective lens by scanning near-field optical microscopy.
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 86, 131110 (2005).

22.03.2005 Скачать (209,08 Кб) [English]

Baohua Jia, Xiaosong Gan, Min Gu.
Direct observation of a pure focused evanescent field of a high numerical aperture objective lens by scanning near-field optical microscopy
Applied Physics letters, 2005

17.03.2005 Скачать (532,28 Кб) [English]

M. Cavallini, J. Gomez-Segura, D. Ruiz-Molina, M. Massi, C. Albonetti, C. Rovira, J. Veciana, and F. Biscarini
Magnetic Information Storage on Polymers by Using Patterned Single-Molecule Magnets
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2005, 44

16.03.2005 Скачать (506,31 Кб) [English]

Hao-Long Chena, Yang-Ming Lu, Weng-Sing Hwang.
Characterization of sputtered NiO thin films.
Surface & Coatings Technology 198 (2005) 138– 142

16.03.2005 Скачать (554,12 Кб) [English]

Joachim Loos, Alexander Alexeev, Nadia Grossiord, Cor E. Koning, Oren Regev.
Visualization of single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) networks in conductive polystyrene nanocomposites by charge contrast imaging.
Ultramicroscopy 104 (2005) 160–167

12.03.2005 Скачать (563,38 Кб) [English]

Jun Fu, Yang Cong, Xiang Yu, Jian Li, Caiyuan Pan, Binyao Li, Yanchun Han.
Shear-induced slippage of the self-assembly of crown ether-centered two-armed copolymers.
Applied Surface Science 252 (2005) 1132–1138

11.03.2005 Скачать (367,05 Кб) [English]

K. Sreejith, J. Nuwad, C.G.S. Pillai.
Low voltage electrodeposition of CNx films and study of the effect of the deposition voltage on bonding configurations.
Applied Surface Science 252 (2005) 321–329

26.02.2005 Скачать (316,78 Кб) [English]

M. Ratzke, D. Wolfframm, M. Kappa, S. Kouteva-Arguirova, J. Reif.
Pulsed laser deposition of HfO2 and PrxOy high-k films on Si(100).
Applied Surface Science 247 (2005) 128–133

22.02.2005 Скачать (211,25 Кб) [English]

K.B. Zhogova, I.A. Davydov, V.T. Punin, B.B. Troitskii, G.A. Domvachiev.
Investigation of fullerene C60 effect on properties of polymethylmethacrylate exposed to ionizing radiation.
European Polymer Journal 41 (2005) 1260–1264

18.02.2005 Скачать (199,98 Кб) [English]

Xiaodong Hu, Xiaotang Hu.
Analysis of the process of anodization with AFM.
Ultramicroscopy 105 (2005) 57–61

17.02.2005 Скачать (217,05 Кб) [Russian]

M. S. Gusikhina, Yu. D. Semchikov, Yu. Yu. Gushchina, A. A. Volkov, and N. B. Mel’nikova
Effect of Amphiphilic Copolymers on the Properties of Lamellar and Vesicular Structures of Lecithin.
High-molecular compounds, series B, 2005, volume 47, №7, p 1220-1224

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09.02.2005 Скачать (301,97 Кб) [English]
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