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Magnetic domains in a TbGdFeCo film

Название: Magnetic domains in a TbGdFeCo film
MDT-файл: magnetic_domains_in_a_tbgdfeco_film-aa.mdt (92,20 Кб)

Magnetic domain landscape in a TbGdFeCo film. The 180 nm thick film was deposited on a 100 nm thick Cr underlayer/glass at 200 C and 4 mTorr argon gas pressure using DC magnetron sputtering. Similar multi-layer films have been used for the Bose-Einstein condensation of rubidium atoms on an atom chip.

Image courtesy of Dr. James Wang, Prof. Andrei Sidorov and Prof. Peter Hannaford, ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum-Atom Optics, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.


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