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Лазерные структуры. Отображение химического контраста.

Laser structures Chemical Contrast Asquisition.

For the atomically flat, featureless cleavages of heterostructures, additional chemical contrast of the constituent layers can be achieved in lateral force imaging (LFM) [1]. This SPM mode allows measuring friction variations on chemically nonidentical regions. An application of LFM permits, for example, to visualize a waveguide region of the ZnMgBeZe/GaAs laser structure already mentioned above (see upper figure). In figure below there are two LFM images measured in opposite fast scanning directions. The contrast reversal of the 200-nm wide stripe is observed when compare the left parts of images. That means different friction (reduced) on the material of the waveguide compared to the material of surrounding emitters.

The lateral resolution of the LFM mode may be very high, what is illustrated in next figure, where five 5nm-thick GaInSbAs QWs separated by 25nm-thick GaSb barriers are clearly seen as the lines of reduced friction.

Fig. 1

AFM images are obtained by commercial SPM P4 with CSC12 cantilevers.
On the next pages description of the used lateral force mode and the details of image obtaining are presented.
Additional information about laser structures were received with usage of Contact EFM, Kelvin mode.

Fig. 2

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