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Влияние окисления. GaAlAs/GaAs лазерная структура.

Влияние окисления. GaAlAs/GaAs лазерная структура.

 Fig. 1

Relief modifications caused by oxidation.
For GaAs-based materials, second process, heterogeneous oxidation of layers, may predetermine a certain surface relief [3, pdf-file ru]. At the first moments after cleaving the oxidation develops quickly, then it saturates, leaving stable in time oxidized surface relief.

In Fig. 1 contact AFM topography image of GaAlAs/GaAs laser cleavage is shown. GaAlAs emitter was grown as a superlattice (SL) by insertion of GaAs layers into GaAlAs matrix. Since Al is very actively oxidized in ambient atmosphere, Al-containing layer has thicker oxide and, therefore, may elevate over the surface level of the Al-free layer with thin oxide [3, pdf-file ru]. This fact is very important and permits to identify in AFM topography all the layers of the GaAlAs/GaAs based laser heterostructures, what can be used to link  the other SPM signals (e.g. SKM and EFM) to the device design [4,5].

AFM images are obtained by commercial SPM P4 with NSG11 cantilevers.
On the next pages description of the used lateral force mode and the details of image obtaining are presented. 
Additional information about laser structures were received with usage of Contact EFM, Kelvin mode.

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