Nano Technology Instruments-Europe BV (NTI) has signed a par...


Nano Technology Instruments-Europe BV (NTI) has signed a partnership agreement with DPI. The signing of the contract took place on the 12th of June during the first DPI workshop on automated synthesis and high throughput screening in polymer and material research. Dr. Victor Bykov, president of NT-MDT and Prof. Leen Struik, general manager DPI, signed the contract.
Peter Vernhout, general manager of NTI Europe (Apeldoorn), takes a seat in the programme committee of Coating Technology.
Dutch Polymers is one of the four Leading Technology Institutes that were founded in 1997. Its mission is to be leading in the area of polymer science and engineering, focusing on a chain-of-knowledge approach and improving the fit between academic research and industry. The total budget in 2001 was Euro 11 million.
NT-MTD started as an initiative of a research group from the Moscow University of Physics and Technology. Since 1993 NT-MDT exists as an independent company. NT-MDT is one of the market leaders for scanning probe microscopes. NTI is the first instrument company to join DPI. The company has a European head office in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. NTI has a network of regional distributors.

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