Electron Beam Deposited


Eddy Current Microscopy
A sensitive scanning force microscope based technique for measuring local variations in resistivity by monitoring changes in the eddy current induced damping of a cantilever with a magnetic tip oscillating above a conducting sample.
Appl. Phys. Lett. 78, 383 (2001).


Electrochemical SPM


Energy-Dispersive Spectroscopy


Electron energy-loss spectroscopy
detects inelastic interactions of beam electrons with the atomic electrons of the probed sample volume


equipment front-end module


Electrostatic Force Microscopy
EFM is based on the dual pass scheme. The grounded tip first acquires the surface topography using standard intermittent contact atomic force microscopy (IC-AFM). Electrostatic data are collected above the surface. In EFM, the cantilever is driven mechanically and the electro-static force F between the dc biased conductive tip and the surface results in a change of the cantilever resonant frequency that is proportional to the force gradient

Dw=(wo/2k) (dF(z)/dz)

where k is the spring constant and wo is the resonant frequency of the cantilever. Resonance is maintained by adjusting the driving frequency wp and the frequency shift Dw= wp- wo is collected as the EFM image.
Phys. Rev. B 63, 125411 (2001). Electric Force Microscopy

An a.c.voltage, U,
U=Uwsin(w t)
of radian frequency, w, is present between the electrically conductive tip of the microscope and the electrode at the back of the sample. Both electrostatic forces (so-colled "Maxwell stress ") and electromechanically induced forces act on the tip. An oscillating electric field causes thickness vibrations of the sample due to electrome-chanical effects (inverse piezoelectric effect and electrostriction).
Surf. Sci. 415, 178 (1998).


Electrostatic Force Modulation Microscopy
Method and apparatus for measuring mechanical and electrical characteristics of a surface using which operates in contact mode.
US Pat. 6185991


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Energy loss near-edge structure

Error signal mode

Error signal mode produces an image that approximates the derivative of C-AFM topographic images, yielding high image contrast and enhancing surface and sub-surface details.


Electric Scanning Force Microscopy


Electron Spectroscopic Imaging


Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography